Why Testing Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality is Important

Home Indoor Air QualityThere are as many reasons to test indoor air quality as there are molds, particulates, and allergens in our atmosphere. Relying on air testing professionals means a quicker and more accurate method of removal can quickly begin. We at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air have lined up some of the greatest benefits of air quality testing.

Pinpoint Vague Medical Afflictions

One of the greatest benefits of air quality testing is the ability to recognize airborne threats more accurately than any other method. This can prevent misdiagnosis or ignored symptoms. For example, mold infections behave very similarly to hay fever or other pollen allergies. Waiting for vague symptoms to develop into more unique ones will mean that they have been present for a long time. Don’t gamble with health; St. Louis air quality is easily tested for all allergens and contaminants.

Instill Confidence

Indoor air quality testing is also a useful step in evaluating a home or building for purchase. Investing a large amount of money into a building with a hidden mold infestation can be a nightmare, but is easily preventable with a few simple tests. By testing random air samples and inspecting the air ducts, cooling, and filtration systems, any contaminants will be uncovered. If a potential buy has an odd odor in any specific area or in general, arrange for air quality testing to learn if the building has a contamination problem or just a temporary cleanliness issue.

Not all pollutants are detectible like mold and dust; others can be much more difficult to discover, requiring air testing for discovery. Asbestos and lead particles can be very dangerous to one’s health without being discovered for years, especially in older houses built or renovated before the 1970s.

Indoor air quality testing can provide answers to many homeowners’ questions about their air quality, but that leads to the ultimate decision of who to call for the testing service. McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air can detect and clean out a wide variety of pollutant issues, and for a great price. Call 636-225-0087 for more information, or to arrange for an estimate.