Why is My Heat Pump Blowing Out Hot Air?

Heat PumpWhen you've got your heat pump in the air conditioning mode, it should cool your home. No ifs, ands, or buts. However, if it's not doing that, you may have an issue. If you're asking yourself "Why is my heat pump blowing out hot air when it's supposed to be cooling?" then you have some things to inspect and investigate on your system.

Things to Try

1. Reboot--Unplug your system before you do anything. It probably may not do anything, but at least this gets the basics out of the way.

2. Inspect filters and coils--sometimes, debris can lead to a malfunctioning unit and clean up can easily do the trick of fixing the system.

3. Make sure everything is plugged in--there are plenty of wires and connections that need to stay tight. If anything is loose, you're bound to have some issues.

Still Nothing?

This lack of response - or your unit still blowing hot air while in air conditioning mode - may signal something is wrong besides a missed connection or debris on the unit. You may have to have a service visit from an HVAC specialist to assess the situation.

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