What’s an HVAC Smart Chip?

HVAC Smart ChipWhen you turn off your HVAC system or it kicks off because the temperature in your home is at the right degree, there is a little bit of air that remains in your duct work that goes unused. This is air that just dissipates. However, it is cooled or heated air that could technically be used...and that's where an HVAC Smart Chip comes in.

An HVAC Smart Chip

An HVAC Smart Chip is a small computerized component you can have installed within your heating and cooling system that keeps your fan running just a little longer after your system kicks off. Technically, for every 10 minutes that your fan was running, the chip ensures the fan runs an additional 2 minutes. That suffices to push out any remaining heated or cooled air.

How Is This Efficient?

The long and short of it is this: with your fan pushing out and using the remaining air that would have gone to waste, your system doesn't need to start back up again anytime soon. With this system in place, and with the HVAC Smart Chip installed,  your HVAC unit could be up to 30% more efficient than without the chip.

We offer this Smart Chip technology here at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air. We can install an HVAC Smart Chip on your device, ensuring your utility bills go down and your efficiency goes up. Call our team for more information on this awesome new technology! 636-225-0087