Ways to Avoid Emergency Furnace Repair

Avoid Emergency Furnace Repair

Emergency Furnace RepairYour furnace seems pretty rugged, a fairly sizable appliance sitting in your home, but it does have quite a few intricate parts inside it. It only takes a failure of one of those parts to shut your furnace down, and then you’re looking at an emergency furnace repair.

McQuerry’s are going to tell you how to minimize that risk!

Regular Servicing

Keeping your furnace regularly serviced will not only mean that it is working at peak efficiency (lower utility bills) but it will also enable the detection of any early problems before they turn in to an emergency. In most cases, it works out cheaper to carry out a minor repair as part of a service than it is to call out an emergency technician.


Ensuring that the furnace filter is regularly changed is a key step to maintaining performance, it is something that most homeowners can do (or at least know someone that can do it for them). A replacement filter is cheap and can be replaced easily within 30 minutes.

Unusual Behaviour

Keep an eye out for anything unusual, no-one knows your system better than you do, all of its quirks and habits that only you know. A change in performance can indicate that something could be wrong, or starting to go wrong, get it checked.


Again, if you notice any strange smells coming from your furnace, it could be a sign of something about to go wrong; it’s always better to get it checked by a professional than to leave it ‘to see what happens’.

If you have noticed anything different with your furnace, or you just want to schedule some maintenance, call McQuerry’s to talk to our professionals. We are always willing to give unbiased and professional advice, specific for your needs.

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