Troubleshooting Repairs Can Save You Money on HVAC Maintenance

Heating & Ac MaintenanceIf you discover a problem with your heater, figuring out the next step can mean the difference between a simple repair and more involved action. Even though McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating offers affordable service visits, we know that our customers want to save money. These tips will help you the next time you are troubleshooting repairs. A good assessment of the problem will help you determine whether or not you can handle the situation on your own.

Basic Assessment Questions

Troubleshooting repairs involves identifying the most common causes of appliance malfunction. This identification allows the technician to rule out a cause or take the appropriate steps to correct it. Here are a few troubleshooting solution sequences that will help save money on heating repair:

  • If the heater does not produce enough heat, check the filter; a dirty filter has to be replaced. If the filter is clean, check the blower. If any blockage is found, the blower assembly needs cleared.
  • If the pilot will not light, the opening may be blocked. It can be cleaned in short order. If the pilot opening is clean, then there may be no gas. Check to be certain that the gas valve is fully open and verify that the pilot light button is fully engaged.
  • If the furnace will not function at all, the problem may be lack of power. Solve this by checking your circuit box and replacing any blown fuses. An overloaded motor can also interrupt function. Just wait half an hour, and then press the reset button.






Know Your Limits

If you have tried troubleshooting repairs and no solution has been found, it might be time to call a service technician. Attempting to repair or replace internal elements can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

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