Tips to Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Maintenance

Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning MaintenanceWith many people taking summer vacations and coming and going throughout the season, it’s natural to wonder if turning off your AC while away will save energy help you avoid unnecessary air conditioning maintenance. At McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating & Air, we know that a working AC unit is the key to a pleasant summer. Here are some things to consider before you turn that AC unit off while you are on vacation.

The Truth About Efficiency

It may seem like leaving an AC unit on while you’re away is best because you won’t have to kick-start it when you return. While kick-starting an AC or HVAC unit may seem like a larger expenditure of energy, it is actually more effective. A unit that is constantly in flux is less efficient than one working at full speed to reach a certain temperature. If no one is going to be home or in the office for a long time, constantly running an AC or HVAC unit can be wasteful and prompt serious air conditioning maintenance.

Other Effects

Besides being more costly, constantly leaving an AC unit on can wear on the system. You can extend the life of your AC or HVAC unit by several years if you only use it when necessary. It you leave the system on all the time, you may find yourself in need of St. Louis, MO HVAC repair sooner rather than later. While we are always happy to help with these kinds of situations, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and future maintenance by turning off your AC unit when you’re not using it.


If you have pets that are going to be home while you’re away, for example, you should absolutely not turn off the AC. One thing you can do is raise the temperature slightly so that the unit isn’t running as often as it would if you were home. Raising the temperature just one degree will save you about five percent on your monthly bill and help avoid air conditioning maintenance. If you have questions or need to schedule an inspection, don’t hesitate to call McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating & Air at (636) 225-0087.