Three Tips to Keep Energy Bills Low

Tips to Keep Energy Bills LowThe summer season is great for entertaining but can leave your air conditioning unit working on overdrive to keep your house cool and your guests comfortable. With people coming and going and temperatures at their highest, at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heating we know it can be all too easy to rack up a hefty energy bill during the hot summer months. Here are three tips to keep energy bills low this season.

Change the Air Filters

Air filters are little things that make a big difference in AC efficiency. A dirty or clogged filter can put a tremendous strain on your AC unit, leaving you to foot the bill. Lower energy costs start with routine filter changes. The average person should change his or her air filter at least once every four months, and more often if they share their space with a shedding pet. You can also clean your air filters periodically to keep them working their best.

Turn It Off

We’re not suggesting you shut down the AC unit and live in misery for the entire summer here. We simply mean that turning off the AC while no one’s home is one of the best tips to keep energy bills low. Many homeowners think it’s less costly to keep the AC on while they are away because the unit never has to kick-start. This isn’t true, however. An AC that stays in flux for long periods of time actually has to work much harder than a unit working at maximum capacity to reach a specific temperature. If you’re going to be away and don’t have pets or plants to worry about, turn that AC unit off until you return.

Turn It Up

Another one of the best tips for lower energy costs is raising the temperature on your thermostat. Did you know that raising your thermostat just one degree can save you as much as five percent on your next energy bill? Give it a try until you reach the right balance of comfort and cost.

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