Three Important Rental Property Maintenance Tips

Important Rental Property Maintenance Tips

Rental Property Maintenance TipsAs a homeowner you are probably diligent about staying on top of the maintenance of your home. It can be a little harder to keep up with the maintenance on rental properties if they aren’t always on your mind. In order to prevent small problems from growing into big expenses, spend time on routine care and maintenance, such as the electrical inspection of rented property. Follow these rental property maintenance tips from McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating to keep your property in top shape and your renters happy.

Put Inspections on Your Calendar

Routine inspections of electrical systems and other areas of the home can give you a heads up before small damages have the chance to get worse. Some of the other areas to regularly inspect include:

  • The foundation of the building and the crawl space
  • The roof, gutters, and all roofing elements
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • The windows and doors
  • Any trees on the property


The cost of an electrical inspection in St. Louis, MO is much less than the expense of repairing damages that have gone unnoticed. The same is likely to be true of all your other inspections as well.

Re-paint, Re-caulk, Replace

One of the most basic of rental property maintenance tips is to prevent damages before they happen. Re-painting walls and ceilings is an easy way to prolong the life of your building. Re-caulk around the tub and other areas where water is present to prevent mold. Replace air filters and batteries in the smoke detectors.

Watch for Signs of Pests

Pest problems mean big trouble to landlords. In order to completely exterminate pests once they have established themselves, your tenants may need to move and you may not get them back. You may want to check for signs of pests on a monthly basis for the best protection.

At McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating, we are prepared to help you with more rental property maintenance tips and routine inspections of the heating and cooling system. Contact us to find out the other ways we can be of service at 636-225-0087.