Summer AC Maintenance Tips

Summer AC Maintenance TipsStaying cool inside when the weather is hot outside may be a challenge during the hottest months of summer. It’s important to keep your AC unit functioning as well as possible. This means taking the time to have it tuned-up and addressing any repairs as necessary. Knowing specific AC maintenance tips is sure to help you do so.

Change the Filter

It’s important to keep the air filters in your unit changed often. Experts recommend that you put in a new filter at least every three months. This will improve the performance of your AC unit and can prove to be an effective way to save you money, as well.

Clean the Coils

Being able to get cool air into your home as necessary will require you to keep the outside coils of your unit unclogged. It’s important to remove any debris or weeds that are likely to grow around your outside unit. These could decrease the amount of air flow that should come into your home and will prevent you from being as cool as you’d like.

Schedule a Tune-Up

It’s a good idea to get your AC unit tuned up at least once a year. This can help it run more efficiently and this will save you money over time.

The service technician will clean the coils, check the electrical components and perform a number of other important tasks that can allow the air in your home to be cooler during summer.

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