Schedule Furnace Repair Services to Keep Your House Warm all Winter

Schedule Furnace Repair ServicesAs the cold season rolls in, you’re probably busy preparing to get through the freezing months. Part of your preparation should include planning for the well-being of your furnace. Giving your heating unit some attention can keep your home nice and cozy all winter long. One way to ensure that you don’t end up shivering is to schedule routine furnace repair with our team at McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating.

Preventative Repairs Make a Difference

Like your car, your furnace requires some routine maintenance in order to continue functioning properly. Especially if your unit is older, taking the time to schedule a maintenance appointment with our St. Louis, MO HVAC service experts can make the difference between living in an ice box and beating the next big storm.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in preventative furnace repair is that it tends to be more affordable than emergency fixes. In most cases, we can identify worn parts or potential problems and make necessary repairs before they cause the unit to shut down completely.

Change Your Filter Regularly

We couldn’t count the number of times that we have been called for a repair job when the problem was actually a dirty filter. Your furnace’s filter allows air to move unhindered into the unit, and when it becomes blocked with dust or debris, it can plug up the whole system. Changing the filter and keeping the space surrounding your heater clear can often prevent unnecessary problems from occurring.

The temperature is dropping, and if you plan on staying warm this season, we’d highly recommend considering some routine maintenance on your furnace. Call McQuerry’s 24-hour Heating at 636-225-0087 to take care of your preventative furnace repair so you can stay warm when the weather outside takes a turn for the worst.