Keeping the Air Quality in Your Home Safe

Air Quality at HomeOnce our specialists at McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating install a new heater or air conditioning unit in your residence, it is easy to forget to change your filters. In order to ensure that you continue to get the best air quality, it is important to change out your air filters at least every three months. It's incredibly easy to learn how to install a home air filter - it  takes less than five minutes, and by following these three simple steps you can ensure that the St. Louis, MO air quality in your home is safe and pure.

1. Check the Dimensions

Before purchasing your new air filter, check the dimensions of your old filter and the documentation that comes with your unit to make sure that you purchase the correct size for your replacement. You should also make sure that your heater or air conditioning unit is turned off prior to learning how to install a home air filter.

2. Find the Access Door

Find the access door of your heater to locate your old filter; this door is typically found in the bottom ductwork that enters your unit. Once you have discovered the access, open the door and remove the old air filter. As you pull it out, take note of the arrow on the cardboard siding. This arrow indicates airflow direction, and it is important to remember its location when installing the new filter.

3. How to Install a Home Air Filter

Locate your new air filter and position the arrow to face the same direction as the old one. Insert your filter into the slot, guiding it along the channel inside of the ductwork. Once your filter has been properly put into place, close the filter access door and turn your unit back on to ensure the best air quality in your home.

If you are unsure about the air quality in your home, contact our McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating professionals at (636) 225-0087 to come take a look at your HVAC system.