Installing a New HVAC System in Your Kirkwood, MO Home

Technician performing maintenance on an AC unit. McQuerry’s 24 HR Heating & Air.

Photo by David Spates for Shutterstock.

Does the thought of installing a new HVAC system in your home sound like an intimidating, time consuming job? For an experienced technician, it’s actually a relatively simple procedure. But when you unexpectedly need a new HVAC unit, you might feel it’s anything but simple. When it’s time to install a brand new HVAC system in your home, it can help to keep the following things in mind.

Look for Energy Efficiency

The fact is you won’t likely be replacing your HVAC system often – unless you are moving frequently and living in older homes. If you do live in an older home and begin to experience an issue with your system, have it inspected before you do anything. If a professional confirms that it needs to be replaced, you probably can guess the number one thing you need to look for. Yes, look for a unit that’s high in energy efficiency! An appliance that is high in energy efficiency does not let much of anything go to waste, which helps both you and the environment by preventing unnecessary pollution. Look for the ENERGY STAR approval label, and enjoy superior air quality along with less money paid out per year – and the satisfaction that you’re doing your part in reducing emissions.

Select the Right Unit

You want to choose the best unit for your home, not one that will leave you with regrets. Yes, beware a lack of energy efficiency in an HVAC system – but there’s other things to watch out for, too. For instance, before automatically going with a particular brand, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Read customer reviews online from independent websites and forums, and always talk to the technician who will be installing it. It’s likely they have been in the business a long time, and have first-hand knowledge of the pros-and-cons regarding particular brands or models of HVAC systems. If a certain model seems to cause more than its share of problems for homeowners, they should know.

You also want to make sure that the unit you choose is appropriate for the size of the home. In this article from HGTV, the homeowner says that by installing a unit much too large for the space, you can fry the compressor in the unit, harming the machine. That could only end in another costly fix, so make sure that you consult with your technician on what would be best.

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