Save Energy and Money with the HVAC Smart Chip

McQuerry's 24 Hour Heat and Air is proud to offer the HVAC Smart Chip, a microprocessor module that can adjust your heating and cooling system fan so that it stays on for a period of time after your unit turns off. By making this simple adjustment, your heater and air conditioner can be up to 30 percent more efficient. Not only will this help extend the life of both systems, it will also help you save a great deal of money in the long run.

What is the HVAC Smart Chip?

The HVAC Smart Chip helps your system capture latent heated and cooled air that would have otherwise been wasted after a cycle is complete. According to the California Energy Commission (CEC), if a fan cycle is extended, better energy efficiency will result. The chip records how long your system has been running and then programs the fan to continue running for a specific amount of time. By utilizing this air that would have otherwise simply dissipated through your system and ductwork, the chip helps lower the number of times your heater and air conditioner have to cycle on and off. And, of course, the less your system has to cycle, the less it has to work to keep you comfortable.

How it Works - Cooling Mode

When installed in your AC system, the HVAC Smart Chip will program the fan to stay on until any cold air remaining in your ducts has been sent throughout your home. For every 10 minutes of run time, the chip will keep your fan running no more than two additional minutes - typical systems are only designed to keep the fan running for 90 seconds after the compressor cycles off. This will not only increase efficiency, it will also help prevent water from evaporating across the coil. As a result, less moisture will get in your home. An air conditioning compressor is one of the biggest "energy hogs" in your home or business; the HVAC Smart Chip will reduce the number of times the compressor has to cycle on.

How it Works - Heating Mode

Typically, a furnace fan will also continue to operate for 90 seconds after the system turns off. Either that, or the fan will run until the system's plenum temperature falls between 100-200 degrees F. While a heater's fan usually operates in low-speed mode. The HVAC Smart Chip runs the fan in high-speed mode in order to reduce run time and increase efficiency. The chip keeps track of how long the furnace has run, and then keeps the fan running for a maximum of eight minutes after the system cycles off. By extracting more heat from the furnace, you could save nearly 12 percent off your heating costs.

If you would like to learn more about the HVAC Smart Chip or you would like one of our qualified technicians to install one in your heating and cooling system, call McQuerry's 24 Hour Heat and Air at 636-225-0087 or contact us online.