Humidifier in St. Louis

Humidifier St. LouisAllow our McQuerry's 24 HR Heating & Air experts install a humidifier for the utmost comfort during the St. Louis dry, winter season. Dry air can cause many problems for homeowners besides discomfort, and simply adjusting temperatures in the home won't help. For optimal comfort and health, research demonstrates that moisture levels should be in the range of 35% to 50%. Recent studies show that mold can cause or worsen asthma, as well as hay fever and other allergies. These studies are a reminder that threats to indoor air quality are present when humidity level goes beyond that range without a humidifier.

St. Louis Humidifier Experts

You can rely on our McQuerry's 24 HR Heating & Air professional team of technicians to properly assess your indoor humidity, recommend and install an appropriate humidifier for your home. With over twenty-five years in the industry, the McQuerry's 24 HR Heating & Air has provided the expert advice, service and installation to St. Louis area residents.

Signs You Need A Humidifier

  • Severe allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Chipping paint
  • Dry coughs
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Sore throat
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Static shock
  • Frequent bloody nose
  • Cracking wood floors and drywall

Some Benefits of Humidifiers

  • Reduce static electricity in your home
  • Reduce the chances for bacteria and mold to thrive
  • Reduce the chances for cracking wood floors, molding, drywall and wallpapper

A dry environment can also make it easier to get an infection like the flu. While health and comfort are the main benefits to having a whole house humidifier installed, there are also savings to be had on heating bills. When there are higher levels of moisture in your home, your family will be more comfortable at a lower thermostat setting than you would if the environment were dry. This can mean hundreds of dollars that you save on energy each year.

St. Louis Indoor Air Quality Maintenance

The first line of defense is to regularly change your air filters and to have a professional perform regular duct cleaning to prevent allergens and other particles from circulating throughout your property. We can help you by providing indoor air quality improvement products - Humidifiers and Air Purifiers.

For answers to your indoor air quality questions and expert installation technicians, contact us online or call us today, 636-225-0087.