How to Maximize Your Energy Efficiency This Winter

Energy EfficiencyWith winter fast approaching and the temperature dropping considerably, now is the time to take action and maximize your energy efficiency. There are a number of steps to take, and at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air, we've put together an easy to follow list on how to achieve this.

Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Open south-facing curtains during the day to allow sunlight to heat your home. Remember to close them at night to avoid any cold drafts.
  • In order to avoid window drafts, you should use a thick, clear plastic sheet and tape it to the inside of your window frame. Seal it tightly to prevent any drafts getting through.
  • Put up insulating curtains or shades on any of your windows that let a draft in.
  • When at home, set your thermostat as low as you find comfortable to save energy.
  • When you are out of the house, turn your thermostat to around 10 and 15 degrees. This can save you around 10% a year on heating and cooling bills. A programmable thermostat is an effect way to set your temperature automatically.

Use Professionals

If your windows have air leaks, it's usually due to utility cuts for pipes and light installations. In most cases, you will require a professional to detect the air leaks and then resolve them. The same can be said when it comes to the maintenance of your heating system. Don't try and conduct any repairs unless you are completely sure you know what you're doing. You may end up causing more damage and injuring yourself.

Contact a professional today at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air. We can help you when it comes to an energy efficient winter. Call us at 636-225-0087 and find out how we can help you with your heating and cooling needs.