How a Smart Chip Could Save You Money on Energy Bills This Fall

The transition to fall from summer can mean many different things. Energy Bill Down Keeping TipsIt can mean buying Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins, and dropping temperatures. Along with all this, you may also start to see higher and higher heating bills. Want to prevent dropping hundreds of dollars on heating expenses this fall and winter? A smart chip could be a good investment for you this fall!

What is a Smart Chip?

An HVAC Smart Chip is a small computerized component you get easily stalled within your HVAC system. This tiny computerized chip will help your system, and the fan within that system, to keep running a little bit longer after the system shuts down. This helps to push out any cool or warm air that would have just gone to waste!

How will it help me save money this fall?

If it looks like your heater will be running quite a bit this fall, a smart chip could be a great investment! Smart chips can significantly increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This could result in an average of a 12% drop in energy costs. That is quite a bit more money to spend on Halloween candy and thanksgiving turkey this fall!

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