Heating Maintenance – Why it’s So Important

Heater MaintenanceFurnaces in particular go through so much in their lifetime, if you can imagine the flames and heat inside the heater, the moving parts and the stresses and strains of the metal components as they expand and contract on their heating or cooling cycle, it all makes for quite a hard life!
Admittedly, having a regular maintenance contract won’t stop those strains, or the heat, but it will at least make sure that any potential problems can be spotted early and appropriate action taken before a minor problem turns into a disaster.

Money Saving #1

While it’s true that maintenance isn’t free, if your system is really out of shape, then the money spent on maintenance could easily be recouped with the lower energy bills that will be the result of a system working at peak efficiency. So not only are you happy in the knowledge that your system is in A1 condition, no premature failures on the way, but your actually saving money each and every time that you turn your system on. Win-Win.

Money Saving #2

Regular and scheduled heater maintenance also means that the overall life of your heater will be extended – cutting those costs even further!
Not only that, but … an increase in the lifespan of your heater is also good news for the planet – cutting out manufacturing processes that all have an effect on the environment means ‘greener’ and cleaner air.


Talk to a professional at McQuerry’s for further details as to just how important regular maintenance can be, not just for your heating, but all of your HVAC needs. Our technicians will never try and upsell you a product or service that you don’t need, they will only ever give you professional and unbiased advice as to what is best for you.

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