Heat Pump Installation: Got a Broken Pilot Light?

Heat Pump InstallationIf you have ever found yourself without heat in the middle of the night because the pilot light went out, you know what a frustrating—and freezing—task relighting it can be. With most home heating system services, including heat pump installation and repair, furnace repair and tune-up, and heating system installation, it is strongly recommended that you leave these to be handled by the professionals at McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating. However, relighting the pilot light is something that some homeowners may be able to handle themselves, so long as instructions are closely followed and proper precautions are taken.

Relighting Your Pilot Light

We all know how bitter cold our Missouri winters can get—when the pilot light gets blown out, time is of the essence. After verifying that the gas valve that attaches to the furnace is still in the “on” position, you will then want to review your furnace manufacturer instruction manual for specifics on how to relight. If you do not have a manual, you may be able to find instructions by doing an online search of the furnace make and model number. Find the ignition button, which should be located near a red button. Press and hold that red button while simultaneously pressing and releasing the ignition button. The pilot light should now be lit—if it isn’t, try again every five minutes or so until it lights, or call us for help.

New Heat Pump?

Is it time for a new heat pump installation? A broken pilot light may be an indication of some greater issue, which is why we suggest that you call us to check out your system if your pilot light continually goes out.

If you have noticed an inexplicable increase in your utility bills, smell a funny odor when the heat turns on, or have erratic fluctuations in temperature, you should call McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heating to do a full inspection of your heating system. We offer St. Louis, MO heater repair, heat pump installation, and preventative furnace maintenance. Call us today for a free estimate: 636-225-0087.