Early Warning Signs That You May Need a Furnace Repair

Warning Signs That You May Need a Furnace Repair


Need Furnace Repair Early Warning SignsAlmost any St. Louis homeowner who returns to a cold, unwelcoming home will be able to tell that a furnace repair is needed. However, many homeowners are unaware of the earlier, more subtle warning signs of furnace problems. Even though we provide emergency services at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heating, homeowners don't have to let it come to that if they pay attention to these early indicators of trouble.

The Obvious Signs

There are many telltale signs of furnace trouble that homeowners tend to trivialize. However, you're really not doing yourself a favor by ignoring these issues:

  1. Your utility bills are rising substantially.
  2. You're struggling to keep your home heated to a uniform or comfortable temperature.
  3. Your furnace is making strange noises ranging from banging to squealing.
  4. Your furnace shows visible signs of rust or corrosion, or it emits dust and soot.

It doesn't take a furnace repair expert to notice these signs and figure out that there is a problem. Homeowners who acknowledge the issue sooner can save money and avoid inconvenient situations.

The More Subtle Signs

There are other warning signs that some homeowners simply don't know about. One is pilot light color: blue is normal, while yellow indicates a problem. Personal symptoms of poor indoor air quality, like difficulty breathing, may also reflect furnace problems. Finally, for furnaces over 15 years old, the likelihood of problems can be high. Furnaces can last 20 to 30 years, but many have shorter lifespans.

At McQuerry's 24-Hour Heating, we provide St. Louis, MO heater maintenance in the hopes of eliminating the need for last-minute repairs. However, sometimes repairs cannot be avoided. Homeowners who notice these signs that a furnace repair is needed should not hesitate to call us for help at 636-225-0087.