Does My Home Need Insulation?

When considering home upgrades - whether finally having that back deck built or replacing the insulation in your home - you may be questioning, Do I really need this? When it comes to insulation, the answer is always yes. In this blog post, let's cover the basics of why that answer is yes: how you can save on your heating and cooling bills year-round. The fact of the matter is, home insulation is key in making sure your utility costs don't skyrocket depending on the weather outside.

How Insulation Works

Insulation does exactly what it's name describes: it insulates. It acts as a barrier for hot and cold air, working both during summer and winter. It keeps the heat out and the cool air inside your home during the summertime, and it acts to trap heat inside during the winter when your heating unit is on. No matter the season, insulation's presence is needed.

What That Means For Your Heating and Cooling Costs

Insulation, in all reality, works to save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Think of it this way, what if you were lacking insulation in the middle of winter? Your heat inside the home will just move to a cooler area - as heat does - and your HVAC unit is working twice as hard to keep the inside of your home a stable temperature.

During the summertime, insulation keeps the outside heat from traveling indoors. Therefore, your air-conditioned home doesn't have to literally "beat the heat." Instead, your air conditioning unit is able to easily keep a consistent temperature.

Insulation is Your Home's Best Friend

Your home wouldn't be able to keep a consistent temperature - keeping you and your family comfortable - without insulation. So, the fact of the matter is, if you're considering removing your insulation, make sure you replace it with new insulation. Your home needs and wants it! For more information or for insulation install, contact the pros at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air today! 636-225-0087.