DIY Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Tips

DIY Air Conditioner RepairThe winter chill is slowly but surely shifting to warmth and the birds are starting to return. Before you start planning your spring cleaning or first family cookout, you might want to first look into DIY air conditioner repair and maintenance tips so you will know your home will be nice and cool when summer rolls around. McQuerry’s 24 HR Heating & Air is here to help you get as much life as possible out of your cooling unit this spring while taking care of all of your St. Louis, MO AC repair needs.

Check and Change

While you are waiting for one of our professional roofing technicians to come take a look at your roof, you can check and change out the filters of your air conditioner if necessary as part of your DIY air conditioner repair and maintenance routine. Dirty and old air filters can compromise your home’s air quality and make your air conditioning unit work harder than it absolutely has to, which means that you will probably spend more money than you absolutely have to.

You can also check the caulking on your doors and windows to ensure that you are not losing air or allowing hot air to blow into your home through gaps, both of which can cause your air conditioner to work more than it needs to.

Timing is Everything

One of the reasons the springtime is the best time to take care of DIY air conditioner repair and maintenance is because the warmer temperatures will force the air conditioner unit to work harder, which will give both you and our technicians a better evaluation.

Call us at McQuerry’s 24 HR Heating & Air at 636-225-0087 if you ever have any air conditioner problems that you are unable to take care of your own. We are also happy to save you the hassle of DIY air conditioning maintenance and repair.