Common Air Conditioning Problems

There are potentially hundreds of unique factors that may affect your home’s air conditioning system. Any one of these reasons could be why your cooling system has failed recently. Some are easier to diagnose and resolve. Others, however, require a little more finesse; a professional HVAC contractor. If your air conditioner recently stopped working, here are a few reasons why that may be so!

Common Air Conditioning Problems

An air conditioning system is a sophisticated appliance with wiring and electronics inside the primary unit. This is not an appliance that homeowners can just pop open and repair on their own. We recommend scheduling professional AC repair or maintenance regularly to resolve some of the following issues:

  • Faulty wiring – Haphazard air conditioning wiring is a possible fire hazard. Faulty wiring may lead to a lack of power or could trip the circuit breaker when you least expect it.
  • Low refrigerant – Perhaps the most common issue homeowners face, low coolant (known as Freon) could imply a leak or issue with the refrigerant system.
  • Outside fans – Your external fan is responsible for releasing heat from your home to the outdoors. If the fan outside is not working correctly, heat transfer cannot occur. If the fan is not working, it also may indicate a lack of power.


Other Common Problems

While perhaps not the most common issues in today’s homes, these are a few other common air conditioning problems:

  • Uneven cooling – Airflow may be obstructed, or your system may require balancing. Alternatively, leaking ducts could be the problem.
  • Failure to cool – If your air conditioner does not cool properly, faulty parts, dirt, or debris may be blocking airflow.


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