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McQuerry'shvac repair chesterfield 24 HR Heating & Air has been providing Chesterfield AC repair, heating repair, installation, or maintenance for over 25 years by the best local technicians. All of our HVAC technicians have gone through a stringent hiring process including a background check, drug testing, and an interview to make sure they have the skills and passion that it takes to serve our customers.

Our air conditioning repair and heating repair services are centered around our customers satisfaction. Our AC repair and heating team is constantly learning and changing to provide quality services to our customers. This means offering the best brands and warranties, the latest technology, and standards that are above and beyond the industry's. Call us today to schedule services like:

Emergency Heating Repair

Are you experiencing an issue with your heating system? Don’t panic! This is something that all homeowners go through at some point. Having a trusted HVAC technician on speed dial will ensure that you and your loved ones don’t have to go without heat.

This is where McQuerry’s 24 Hour Heating & Air comes in.Here at McQuerry’s, we provide quality affordable emergency heating repair. We’re here 24/7 to assist you and make sure that your HVAC system gets repaired in no time.

Of course, it can also be helpful for you as a homeowner to be able to identify problems when they occur. By recognizing certain issues, you’ll likely even be able to prevent problems before they happen or become more severe. Here are a couple of the #1 reasons why emergency heating repair services may be needed:

  • Improper maintenance. This one is the biggie! Not maintaining your HVAC system will lead to problems, no doubt about it. It’s important to either schedule a yearly maintenance consultation or do the maintenance work yourself. Regardless of how you take care of your HVAC system, one thing’s for sure: taking the time to do so will ensure the efficiency and safety of your system!
  • Letting your HVAC system run past its due date. All heating systems have a shelf life. If you’re constantly getting your HVAC system fixed, it may be time to purchase a new one.

Call McQuerry’s today to take advantage of our timely, efficient emergency heating repair services – we always put our customers first.

Ducted Air Conditioning Repair

As many homeowners know, having a ducted air conditioning system offers several advantages. Some of these benefits include relatively quiet operation, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and evenly distributed cool air.

What do you do when your ducted air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly? How do you know when you should repair or replace your AC system? Here are some common problems that many homeowners experience with their ducted AC systems:

  • Inadequate maintenance. The #1 reason that homeowners’ systems may need repairing isnot properly maintaining it! As with virtually all other major home appliances, regular maintenance and cleaning is key. If you want your ducted air conditioning system to run smoothly, it’s important to clean your system’s coils, change the air filters, and do everything else that your manual has listed.
  • Refrigerant leaks. If your refrigerant is simply low, that’s not necessarily an indicator that there’s a problem. If your refrigerant is leaking, however, that’s another issue entirely! Refrigerant leaks are not only harmful for your AC system, they’re also harmful for the environment.
  • Improper installation. If your ducted air conditioner wasn’t installed properly, you will likely have to deal with a host of problems down the road. Make sure you hire the right HVAC technician for the job to help prevent future issues.

Here at McQuerry’s 24 Hour Heating & Air, we’re always happy to provide our assistance. If your ducted air conditioning system needs repairing, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

 Heating Tip for Chesterfield

Try to lower your thermostat. Studies have shown that you will save 3% for every degree below 72 you set your thermostat. To make sure you still stay warm, keep your feet covered with socks or house shoes, and use an extra blanket on the bed.

Chesterfield Air Conditioning Tip

Invest in dark curtains or even blackout curtains. Keeping curtains closed during the day can block out the sun, and in turn, extra heat from outdoors.

The Best HVAC Brands in Chesterfield

We know that when it comes to home comfort systems, Chesterfield clients are looking for quality and longevity. A new heating or air conditioning system is a huge investment that should last for many years. That's why we only use the best brands in the HVAC business, including York, Carrier, and TRANE.

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>> Head north on Santa Maria Dr toward Old Chesterfield Rd, Turn left onto Old Chesterfield Rd, Turn left onto Baxter Rd, Turn right onto Clarkson Rd, Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Historic U.S. 66 E/Manchester Rd, Turn left onto Pond Rd, Turn right onto Manchester Rd, McQuerry's 24Hr Heating & Air Conditioning will be on the right.

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