Can an Air Purifier Detect and Remove Carbon Monoxide?

An air purifier can drastically reduce or eliminate a number of dangerous contaminants and unhealthy pollutants from your environment. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide is not one of those. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas that is both odorless and colorless. Poisoning from carbon monoxide (CO) can occur when certain fuel-using appliances malfunction, especially when sources are used in a non-ventilated area. It can also occur when a vehicle is running in an enclosed space.

When a person inhales CO, is displaces the oxygen needed to survive. The symptoms at the onset may mimic the flu or food poisoning and come about quickly. They include headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness and lethargy, and can be fatal. If you suspect CO poisoning, remove all residents and pets from your home immediately and call professionals for air quality testing.