Breathe Easy With an Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

Indoor Air Purifier

If you or someone in your family suffers breathing difficulties and itchy eyes and skin inside the house, an air purifier for pet allergies may make life more enjoyable. Contact McQuerry's 24-Hour Heating for a consultation on your air quality and to learn how to improve your indoor air so that you can enjoy life much more, and free of pet allergies inside.

Is It the Dog?

The symptoms of pet allergies include obvious signs like sneezing, itchy eyes and nose (and sometimes skin), but can also include less well-known indicators like:

  • Facial pain and pressure
  • Frequent night waking
  • Bluish, swollen skin under the eyes
  • Cough
  • Raised, reddened skin




If you have been feeling tired and suffering the ill effects of breathing difficulties, it is possible that a pet in your home may be making you ill. Some people try to avoid contact with the animal, believing that it is the fur that is causing the allergy. Generally, though, it is not the fur of the animal that is the problem. It is usually the dander, or dried skin flakes, from the pet that is causing the problem. Since these tiny flakes of almost invisible irritants float with the air, they can go anywhere in the house, so there is very little chance for the allergy sufferer to avoid them by just staying away from the family pet.

With an air purifier for pet allergies along with a thorough duct cleaning, your St. Louis, MO air quality can be dramatically improved, which should also improve your life when you can breathe better and skip the itching.

Call for a Consultation

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