Boost the Safety of Your Home With Heat Pump Installation

Improve the safety of your home

Heat Pump Installation Boost SafetyThe most prevalent home dangers are often the most preventable. In addition to keeping your home heating and cooling systems running as smoothly as possibly, the team here at McQuerry’s 24-Hour Heat & Air is committed to enhancing the safety of your home.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are something that no home should be without; they are low-priced, easily placed, and provide valuable peace of mind. While CO detectors are a must have, preventing carbon monoxide in the first place is of the utmost importance. Our certified HVAC technicians inspect, maintain and repair gas furnaces to ensure that they won’t produce CO, something that damaged and neglect furnaces are known to do. We approach our heat pump installation and all other services with your safety in mind.

Purchase Fire Extinguishers

Fires can double in size in under a minute, making quick attention a must. Like CO detectors, fire extinguishers are affordable and easy to use. ABC fire extinguishers are a popular choice for homes, as they are classified to use for combustible based fires (wood, paper, etc,) liquid, gas, and electrical fires. Fire experts recommend homeowners to place at least one extinguisher on each level of a home, particularly near the garage and kitchen. In addition to purchasing fire extinguishers, it is wise to double check that all home smoke detectors are functioning properly. Over half of fatal fires occur in homes and structures that don’t have working smoke detectors.  Our St. Louis HVAC Service technicians will always double check heating and cooling equipment to ensure that it doesn’t present fire hazards.

Please call 636-225-2087 for more information on how  Mcquerry 24-Hour Heat & Air can keep your HVAC systems as safe and well performing as possible. When it comes to safety the simplest prevention methods can make all the difference.