Blown-In Insulation in St. Louis

St. Louis Blown-In InsulationAre you looking for a way to keep your home comfortable and lower energy bills? Many people don't realize how many homes that are even just a few years old don't have sufficient insulation. The industry standards are constantly getting higher as the technology gets better. Re-insulating your entire house may seem like a hassle, but something as simple as installing blown-in insulation in your attic can make a world of difference for your comfort and improve indoor air quality.

How to Blow Insulation in Walls

Blown-in insulation consists of loose particles that are blown into the attic or even into most wall cavities. Once installed it will expand to fill in even the hardest places to reach, providing long-term protection from the elements and eliminating any gaps that will help keep your energy bills at a minimum. Insulation can come in the form of fiberglass, mineral wool, or cellulose. Our team of experts at McQuerry's 24 HR Heating & Air can help you decide the R-value, which for Missouri is usually a 3 or 4.

Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

  • Installation can be done quickly
  • Less mess during installation
  • No gaps - avoid any air leaks
  • Fire retardant
  • Can act as insect repellent
  • Can be environmentally friendly
  • Reduces outside noise
McQuerry's 24 HR Heating & Air's trained HVAC specialists are happy to sit down with you and discuss the benefits of adding blown-in insulation to your home. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in insulation installation, and can make the install quickly and without leaving a mess behind. We are the local St. Louis Heating and air conditioning company you can count on for all your indoor air quality and comfort needs.

Blown in Insulation Advantages

When it comes to the insulation within your home, homeowners can select from a few different choices. For starters, there is blown in insulation and batt insulation, the two most popular options these days. Blown in insulation is easily the single most popular choice, and you can expect numerous benefits, including…
  • Efficiency – Blown in insulation tends to be far more efficient when compared to fiberglass batts. There are no seams in the insulation, as it is loose-fill.
  • Easy Install – The installation process for blown in insulation tends to be quite a bit easier than any other option on the market. Two professionals can take care of the installation process in just a matter of hours. One individual will feed the material into a blowing machine while the other directs the spread into the attic.
  • Investment – Overall, blown in insulation is a good investment for your home. The amount of money homeowners save on their energy bills quickly adds up over the coming years.

Blown in Insulation Efficiency

Blown in insulation is often considered one of the most efficient types of insulation for any home. Once the job is completed, most homeowners ultimately save quite a bit of money on their energy bills each month. This money adds up over the years, allowing the insulation to pay for itself over time. The blown material used in this specific type of insulation is smaller and capable of getting into the little cracks and crevices within the attic. These cracks are where air will typically leak into the home. As a versatile material, blow in insulation can fill the space around beams and pipes, plus uniquely shaped objects or areas. Batting tends to be a rolled insulation, which allows for cracks to let in the cold air, lowering your energy efficiency. To top things off, blown in insulation just so happens to be moisture resistant, which means it prevents mold, odors, and rot from settling into the home. As you may know, any one of these could cause damage and costly repairs in the house.

What does insulation actually do for my home?

Despite what many homeowners may believe, insulation does not actually heat a specific area in your home. Instead, the material put into your attic will slow down the heat movement coming through building materials. Heat, as you may know, will move toward a colder area. In cold climates, insulation will slow the heat from leaving the home, while in hot climates, the insulation will slow the hot air from coming into the home from the outdoors. The result of this is that in either climate, you save energy and won’t need to keep your air conditioner or heater running as often as before. This, in turn, will save you money on your monthly energy bills, allowing you to invest that money elsewhere when the time comes. Insulation is certainly an investment that will pay for itself many times over in the future.

How long does an insulation project take?

The time it takes to complete an entire insulation project within your home can vary due to a number of different circumstances. For the most part, these circumstances include the size of your building, the material being used, and how many skilled workers are handling the job at any given time. For the most part, it will take anywhere from two to three days to complete. In some instances, that time could be less or perhaps even more. Blown in insulation has been known to take just a single day with two workers handling the job. Batt insulation is generally rolled throughout the attic, and this type of insulation will often take longer to complete, as the rolls need to be carefully maneuvered into the correct positions to cover the most ground possible. This type of job can take a few days to complete. Either way, our employees will handle the job with ease. For an estimate or how to improve your property's energy efficiency, contact us online or call us today, 636-225-0087.