5 Things the Air Purifier Can Remove From the Air in Your St. Louis Area Home

If you’re tired of sniffling and sneezing throughout the year, chances are you could benefit from an efficient air purifier at home. Anyone suffering from allergies or asthma understands the need for clean, refreshing air. Is it worth the money, though? Does an air purifier actually remove contaminants from the air? Well, yes. Here are […] Read More

Common Air Conditioning Problems

There are potentially hundreds of unique factors that may affect your home’s air conditioning system. Any one of these reasons could be why your cooling system has failed recently. Some are easier to diagnose and resolve. Others, however, require a little more finesse; a professional HVAC contractor. If your air conditioner recently stopped working, here […] Read More

Heating System Maintenance Tips

With cold weather rolling in, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to make sure your heating system is running smoothly. Do yourself a favor and start conducting routine checks to ensure that your home’s heating system is working efficiently. You can start by following these simple steps: Inspect Your Outdoor Units Your […] Read More

5 Reasons to Install a Heat Pump This Fall

  With fall upon us, many homeowners are starting to think about how they will heat their home when the temperatures start to drop. One option available to homeowners is the ability to have an HVAC contractor come and install a heat pump. Many contractors offer heat pump installation as part of their heating and […] Read More

How a Smart Chip Could Save You Money on Energy Bills This Fall

The transition to fall from summer can mean many different things. It can mean buying Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins, and dropping temperatures. Along with all this, you may also start to see higher and higher heating bills. Want to prevent dropping hundreds of dollars on heating expenses this fall and winter? A smart chip could be a […] Read More

Health Benefits of a Humidifier

Humidifiers of any kind are always a good idea! Why? Because humidifiers can help prevent sinus and allergy-related infections, and ensure a high level of indoor air quality, by regulating moisture levels in the room. Get ready to say goodbye to airborne allergens and sickness, when you purchase a humidifier. Don’t believe us? Read on […] Read More

The Basics of an HVAC Smart Chip

Are you curious about what an HVAC smart chip is? You’re certainly not alone! There are many benefits to this tool. The HVAC chip is quickly and easily installed on the low voltage side, either on your unit itself or at the thermostat. By reducing the run time of your system it will increase the […] Read More

How to Avoid Expensive AC Repairs This Summer

Summer is the worst time to experience AC-related problems – you certainly don’t want to be without AC in the heat! Want to know how to avoid expensive repairs? Follow our tips for how to keep your AC in working order…thereby staving off costly repairs: Clean Your AC. Keep the interior and exterior of your […] Read More

How an AC Maintenance Plan Could Save You Money

You’ve likely heard it before, but it bears repeating: maintaining your air conditioner can save you hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement fees. It’s true! Read on for how an AC maintenance plan can (and will) save you money: Lack of maintenance ends in disaster. Sometimes, even the simplest problems that are left unchecked […] Read More

Try A Portable Air Purifier for Clean, Easy Breathing

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of air purifiers! (More on that in a minute.) And, if you’re considering investing in a purifier, and thereby investing in cleaner air, a portable air purifier is the way to go. Thanks to their compact size and portable nature, you can use a portable air purifier at […] Read More