Benefits Of Having an AC Maintenance Plan In Place

Heating & air conditioning MaintenanceAddressing the needs of your home's air conditioning requires a little bit of forethought. A lot of homeowners aren't aware of the necessity of a maintenance plan; but if there's anything we want to express within our blog here at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air, it's how to keep your cooling system up and running.

What Happens in a Check

When you enlist a heating and cooling company to assess your HVAC system, you can safely assure that your entire unit stays healthy. That's because this check includes:

  • Checks on plugs and wiring
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Filter replacement
  • Fan inspection
  • Condensation and coil check

With a thorough inspection of all the components, you're ensuring that your technician is leaving no stone unturned. In fact, the maintenance check is meant to be thorough. It aims to address any and all needs before they turn into emergencies!

The Benefits of a Maintenance Plan

Not only does a maintenance check aim to prevent future costly repairs, but having a plan in place makes all the difference. Sure, an inspection will find the problem areas. With a plan though, you are ensured that you system is getting checked, even if you forget about it.

That's because a seasonal plan is booked ahead of schedule. You can set up appointments for the entire year ahead just in the month of January. Or, you could schedule the checks now and have them go on until this time next year. Whatever you think would be easiest, do it!

Why We Offer Plans

Here at McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air, we know the value in regular checks and upkeep. Without it, there is a significantly shortened life span on your HVAC system. Guaranteed, your cooling system can immensely benefit from a maintenance plan. Period.

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