Algae May be the Future of Heating Maintenance

Future of Heating Maintenance

The combination of a broken heating system and colder temperatures can be miserable. At McQuerry’s 24 Hour Heat & Air, we are always looking for innovative ways to perform heating maintenance in St. Louis to keep your heater running all winter. Although we strive to stay on top of technologically advanced heating methods, there are some that we can’t help but raise our eyebrows at.

Heating and Algae Can Go Together

In Hamburg, Germany, an apartment complex was recently unveiled that will be heated using algae. The complex is five stories high and looks like a work of art combined with a terrarium with algae growing on the exterior. The engineers behind the project stated that the goal of this innovative building was to use algae to warm the interior, produce shade, and block outside noise.

Known as the “B.I.Q. Building,” the structure took $6.58 million to complete. Mounted on two sides of the apartment building are 129 bioreactors. These bioreactors create an environment where algae can thrive and thus heat the complex. Although cost is an obstacle associated with using this technology to heat homes, the press officer on this project remarked that using algae as a heating source will become more widespread within the next ten years.

Stay Warm by Receiving Heating Maintenance

At McQuerry’s 24 Hour Heat & Air, we can’t heat your home with algae yet. However, our HVAC services in St. Louis that we perform will ensure your home stays warm all season. The next time you need heating maintenance done, call us at (636) 225-0087.

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