5 Things the Air Purifier Can Remove From the Air in Your St. Louis Area Home

If you’re tired of sniffling and sneezing throughout the year, chances are you could benefit from an efficient air purifier at home. Anyone suffering from allergies or asthma understands the need for clean, refreshing air. Is it worth the money, though? Does an air purifier actually remove contaminants from the air? Well, yes. Here are five things an air purifier will remove from your air supply!

Unpleasant Odors

Odors can stem from seemingly anywhere: pets, cigarette smoke, or cooking. Consider a fish fry. While the food may taste amazing when served, the lingering smell is enough to drive anyone from their home after too long. Air purifiers do not simply clean the air, but they also help remove unpleasant odors.


According to the EPA, our indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoors – sometimes up to 100 times dirtier. An air purifier removes the dirt and grime, ensuring healthier breathing air for everyone inside!


Anyone with allergies knows of the trouble that stems from dirty air filled with allergens. Pet dander and pollen may find their way indoors, causing allergies to run wild and asthma attacks to occur. A purifier combats these allergens by trapping them in the filter before they settle.


Smoke has a very distinct, strong smell. If you or a family member smokes or loves to operate the fireplace, the air may smell dingy and heavy. Your new air purifier will trap the smoke before it accumulates in the upholstery.


It is nearly impossible to combat dust in its entirety. You can keep your home clean, but dust will accumulate. An efficient air purifier will trap dust before it settles on the floor, reducing build-up and leaving a cleaner space.

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