5 Facts about Forced Air Systems

Forced Air SystemsUsually, forced air systems use a heat pump, or sometimes a furnace, to heat air and disperse it throughout the building using in-room vents. When the temperature is set by the thermostat, cold air in the building is pulled into the system, passing through the air filter, removing allergens and dust. The air is then blown through the handler where it’s heated by the furnace’s heat source and blown throughout the building. If you have recently installed a forced air system or are considering getting one, read on to find out 5 facts about them brought to you by McQuerry's 24-Hour Heat & Air.

It Provides Air Quality Control

Regular furnace maintenance can improve the quality of the air in your home. That’s why it’s important to have your system regularly checked and maintained by professionals. Furnace or pump filters in forced air systems minimize allergens and germs that can cause illness.

It’s Energy Efficient

Due to governmental laws, forced air systems now operate at higher efficiency levels than before. This means that your fixed air system will heat your home efficiently, without wasting heat and costing money in the long term. Not only is a forced air system the only HVAC system that can combine heating and cooling, it can also distribute central air conditioning throughout the entire building.

Clean It Regularly

Forced air systems rely on ducts and vents to distribute air into the rooms of your home. If these vents are clogged, rooms may heat unevenly. If you clean your system regularly, this can be avoided.

Keep It Maintained

If a furnace isn’t maintained professionally, there is a risk that all the nasty airborne germs and particles will be spread around the building.

Use Professionals

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